Disney Renaissance Movies: Number Ten

♪In the cir-cleee, in the cir-cle ooo-f… liii-fe!!!♪

The Lion King

Okay, I kid. It’s not that bad…


It’s about a boy who falls in love… with an eagle… gets captured by a villain who wants the eagle, and gets rescued by some mice. Yeah, you know as well as I do why this isn’t Disney’s most popular of movies…

For being 70 minutes long, it feels very… long. I think I looked at the clock every ten minutes or so. The film really drags until the mice show up, and I don’t understand the decision to allow some animals to talk and others unable. Worst of all, this movie feels forced. I’m not sure how much they were relying on The Rescuers and its characters in its sequel, but the boy’s infatuation with the eagle makes absolutely no sense to me. The villain talks about his motives out-loud way too often, and… why do the mice care about any of this? Really contrived storytelling if you ask me.

Behind the three gargoyles in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, that lizard is the fourth most annoying Disney Renaissance comic relief character. I will have to admit though, I was pretty fond of the albatross that flies the mice around. He reminded me of The Little Mermaid’s Scuttle in that his silly, airheaded personality actually got a chuckle or two out of me.

Bringing it all together
Nope; didn’t happen.

Love… nature?

It’s not worth your time or mine. I watched it so you don’t have to.



3 thoughts on “Disney Renaissance Movies: Number Ten

  1. Hey. I do not like how this movie disgraced the original. Bernard and Bianca are barely in the film, and were not used well. It is not a good sequel, and was underwhelming.

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