Oh… my… god. What did I just watch? I don’t even know where to begin…


This is not a Disney animated feature; this is a Disney parody. Just watch the beginning. They make fun of “once upon a time,” The Lion King, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Then, they give us one of the worst introductions I have ever seen—the animation looks like a parody of Disney’s, or equivalently, Disney’s first try at computer animation. It lacks detail and color and it’s just so bland! How’s the music you ask? Just a bunch of references to other songs, like We Are the Champion, Staying Alive, and I Will Survive.

The jokes are as stupid as the characters. In fact, the jokes aren’t even jokes. They are just, once again, movie references. Whether that is Indiana Jones, King Kong, or Star Wars, you will be just as confused trying to follow the plot as you are trying to keep track of the number of movie references they make. Hell, they even reference themselves!


The plot is beyond repair. It focuses on a chicken who claims the sky has fallen, but no one believes him, including his dad. Thus, he tries to make his dad proud by playing baseball. And, the most generic baseball scenario and outcome arises. Then, the sky falls again, which makes chicken little the laughing stock of the town… again! But wait, he had witnesses this time guys. You know, the pig, the duck, and the fish-who-can’t-talk. They saw it too! Are they now the laughing stock of the town too? No? Just chicken little? Okay, if you say so. But wait a second, didn’t the aliens leave obvious markings on the corn stalks? Is chicken little, the only character with a bit of intelligence, going to show the town these markings? No? Not anybody is going to bring this up? Well, I guess if chicken little just let it slip his mi… never mind.


And you know, after the hairball guy finds chicken little, is he going to use him as evidence for the existence of aliens? No? Is chicken little really that stupid? Okay, if you say so. And then, we get possibly the stupidest resolution to this father-son dilemma. His father admits that he was wrong… AFTER THE ALIEN INVASION. WELL OF COURSE YOU WERE WRONG! WHY DIDN’T THIS HAPPEN BEFORE THE ALIEN INVASION SO THAT YOU COULD DEMONSTRATE HOW YOU GREW AS A FATHER?!? So there’s the story. Chicken little says something, that something is proven correct, and his father acknowledges it. The end.



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