Cool! A movie about video games! I’m totally going to… wait, what? The two video games we are going to spend the most time in are Wreck-it Ralph and Sugar Rush? Has anyone ever heard of these games? Are these games made up?


Yeah, it’s not like we don’t ever meet some of the big names, such as Bowser and Pac-Man, but Ralph can go to any video game he wants! And we go to Hero’s Duty and Mario-Candy-Kart-Land? Huh? The premise was set up perfectly for a lot of jokes, and while Wreck-it Ralph does manage some laughs, it takes itself too seriously.

It’s rare that I’ll complain a kid’s movie takes itself too seriously, but why waste a perfectly good comedic set-up just to try to make a touching movie? Why not go to more video games? Why not introduce more characters? Save the more serious stuff for another movie. With that said, if Wreck-it Ralph was all fun and games, it wouldn’t receive anything higher than a B, so I appreciate that it’s trying to make a good quality movie. Unfortunately, it is plagued by a major problem.


While the cat in Bolt stopped the movie from moving into the B+ range, the glitch in Wreck-it Ralph stops the movie from moving into the B range, the discrepancy a result of which movie utilized its unique premise better. Sure, Vanellope doesn’t put Ralph down, but she is equally as bossy, not to mention unnecessarily mean. Why does she feel entitled to insult Ralph as often as she does? She hardly knows the guy! I think this error resulted from the fact that Disney thought this was a story about Ralph learning how to be a hero. No, that’s not what this movie is about Disney. This movie is about everyone else realizing that Ralph was always a hero. With that said, this movie does distinguish what makes a hero and what makes a villain, so I’m not too upset by this mistake.

Besides Vanellope, this is a solid, well-made movie. The pacing is pretty good, always balancing the jokes with some of the soppier stuff. Although the jokes weren’t as funny and plentiful as they could’ve been, well, except for this one scene, they make do with what they got to work with. For once, there is a Disney romance just for the sake of humor, and it’s done quite nicely.

Fix-it Felix

But just when you start enjoying where Disney is heading with its story, Vanellope shows up and ruins the show. While Disney does a good job focusing on how Ralph’s journey makes him realize that sometimes being the villain is the same thing as being the hero, Disney forgot that Vanellope needed a journey as well. Vanellope saw what was wrong with Ralph without seeing what was wrong with her, opting to put her dreams in front of his, which was the exact same crime Ralph committed in his respective video game. If Vanellope could have learned the lesson Ralph learned, then this movie would have been an enjoyable experience.



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