Best Disney Girlfriends: Number Ten

It seems like Disney princesses are a hot-topic over the internet, or at least at my own blog, so here is another ten posts about them. Yes, they will be revealed one at a time, perhaps in intervals of one week. Since I have not watched all of Disney’s animated films (even from their canon list) I may not include some of your favorite Disney female characters, but any Disney princess exclusion is intentional. Some other things about this list:

1. Disney does not equal Pixar
2. Only 2D-animated characters allowed
3. No animals or otherwise non-human characters allowed
4. Must be of at least teenager age
5. Must star in at least one of Disney’s canon movies
6. Let’s pretend that all sequels did not happen

Number Ten


Whoa whoa whoa, before all the feminists in the room start throwing a fit, give me a chance to explain. Mulan, well, she’s the type of woman who you’d rather marry than date. I agree, her personality may be the best of them all, but I have a hard time putting her any higher than this spot on my list. Honestly, she’s a little boring. She doesn’t seem to have any hobbies, although I guess you could argue she develops some through the army, such as fishing, archery, and karate. She has an amazing singing voice, but never seems to enjoy using it; it’s more of an outlet to release her frustration and what not. And that’s the thing, I don’t think there’s a moment when she’s excited for anything. Maybe it’s because she’s so humble and mature, but Mulan is usually the girl who gets friend-zoned in those romantic comedies. But not on my list! She should definitely be included in any guy’s top ten list, and even higher for those who digs tomboys. As summed up by the emperor:

Emperor: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.
Prince Shang: Sir?
Emperor: You don’t meet a girl like that every dynasty.

Well said, emperor.


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