Best Disney Girlfriends: Number Nine

It seems like Disney princesses are a hot-topic over the internet, or at least at my own blog, so here is another ten posts about them. Yes, they will be revealed one at a time, perhaps in intervals of one week. Since I have not watched all of Disney’s animated films (even from their canon list) I may not include some of your favorite Disney female characters, but any Disney princess exclusion is intentional. Some other things about this list:

1. Disney does not equal Pixar
2. Only 2D-animated characters allowed
3. No animals or otherwise non-human characters allowed
4. Must be of at least teenager age
5. Must star in at least one of Disney’s canon movies
6. Let’s pretend that all sequels did not happen

Number Nine


Cinderella: A dream, is a wish, your heart makes…

As arguably the most iconic of the Disney princesses, Cinderella comes in at number nine on this list not because of her popularity, but because of her heart. I imagine Cinderella being the girl at school who never had any time to hang out, worked her butt off for straight A’s, and was known for her endearing lady-like mannerisms. She would totally attract the more conservative dudes, making all the girls hate her even more. With beautiful blue eyes and a rich singing voice, Cinderella is the girl who everybody was talking about but nobody really knew. Although considered weird by many, that was (unfortunately) the worst thing any girl could think to call her. This isn’t to say Cinderella doesn’t have flaws, as she’d probably be swept away by the first handsome, rich guy who asks her to prom in the most romantic way. If you get Cinderella to say yes, you know she’s probably winning prom queen with the dress she’s going to be wearing. Superficial at times? Maybe, but Cinderella is that quintessential prom date.


2 thoughts on “Best Disney Girlfriends: Number Nine

    • Haha, Cinderella might be the most ladylike of the Disney princesses! Especially since Ariel, okay, let’s make this less controversial: especially since Belle marked the new branding of the feminist sort of Disney princesses.

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