Taestful Reactions: Frozen on Rotten Tomatoes is officially certified “fresh”

Disney’s latest princess(es) movie, Frozen, premiered last midnight. I predicted an average movie, but according to the critics, it looks like I am wrong. Here are some of the more extremely optimistic headlines from Rotten Tomatoes’ movie critics:

“Walt Disney Animation is back from the dead.”


“Frozen is one of the few recent films to capture that classic Disney spirit.”


“It’s no secret that Disney princess films are formulaic, and the fact that Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee’s Frozen is entertaining without being groundbreaking just confirms that the formula works.”


“‘Frozen’ is far and away the best animated movie of 2013. It’s not even close.”


“Full of clever songs, genuine laughs and thrils, plenty of heart and just a touch of romance, [Frozen] definitely holds its own with the likes of The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.”


“Disney’s annual holiday release has the hallmarks of Beauty and the Beast and other 1990s-era studio classics, from the regal animation and inspired characters to the soaring musical numbers and heartfelt message.”


“Frozen feels like classic Disney animation. If someone had announced Frozen as the studio’s follow-up to Beauty & the Beast, no one would blink. It’s that good.”


With that said, the movie is at an average rating of 7.8 (I actually think this is more important than Rotten Tomatoes’ tomatometer) and a tomatometer of 87% from the critics, 90% from the audience. This is very similar to the numbers associated with Disney’s Tangled (2010): 7.5, 89%, and 87%, and considerably below Disney’s best: Beauty and the Beast has an average rating of 8.4, tomatometer of 93% from the critics, 92% from the audience. This means I’ll walk in expecting a B+, A- movie on my own grading scale, which is certainly exciting! I’ll be seeing it on Friday (11/29) and posting a non-spoiler review the night of. See you then!


7 thoughts on “Taestful Reactions: Frozen on Rotten Tomatoes is officially certified “fresh”

  1. Yes, with every movie comes negative criticism. I will never hold a movie accountable to the standard of something like Beauty and the Beast haha but due to Rotten Tomatoes, I will be hoping for something like Tangled. Not sure how you felt about Tangled, but I liked it a lot!

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