Best Disney Girlfriends: Number Six

It seems like Disney princesses are a hot-topic over the internet, or at least at my own blog, so here is another ten posts about them. Yes, they will be revealed one at a time, perhaps in intervals of one week. Since I have not watched all of Disney’s animated films (even from their canon list) I may not include some of your favorite Disney female characters, but any Disney princess exclusion is intentional. Some other things about this list:

1. Disney does not equal Pixar
2. Only 2D-animated characters allowed
3. No animals or otherwise non-human characters allowed
4. Must be of at least teenager age
5. Must star in at least one of Disney’s canon movies
6. Let’s pretend that all sequels did not happen

Number Six


Hercules: Aren’t you… a damsel in distress?
Megara: I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.

That’s Megara, or Meg, for ya. Always prepped with witty one-liners, Broadway originator of Belle, Susan Egan, provides the voice of Hercules’ romantic interest in Disney’s 1997 adaptation of the famous Greek myth. Egan gives Meg a distinct alto timbre to her singing voice, which is complimented very nicely by the muses in her feature song, I Won’t Say I’m in Love. Not to mention, this makes Megara stick out in the overwhelmingly soprano Disney heroine list. I know Disney princesses are known for unrealistic body proportions, but when it comes to animated characters, no waist is tinier than Meg’s. She also has “hips that don’t lie.” Struts like she’s walking down a runway, really. One might wonder if Megara is only on this list for her uniqueness and physical attributes, but beneath Meg’s outwardly snarky, almost seductive personality is a softer, more tender side to Meg. Damaged by her long list of ex-boyfriends, it will be difficult to convince Meg ever to love again. It might help to have raging biceps and be the town hero, but I recommend first having a heart of gold. Did I mention that Megara is a goddess? Enough said.


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