Taestful Reactions: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer

So I know I’m technically in the middle of my Pixar segment now that I’m done with Football movies, but I need to say something about this trailer: it looks sooo stupid.

I liked the first The Amazing Spider-Man (2012). I also liked the trailer for it. Emphasis on Peter’s troubled childhood and family life made me excited, and its more darker and gritty tone was reminiscent of the fantastic Batman Begins (2005). I’ve provided the link to the trailer I’m referring to for those who needs a refresher or simply haven’t seen it.


Now let’s take a look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) trailer:


First things first, Spider-Man’s new suit. It sucks. Okay, it doesn’t suck, but the first suit was so much cooler! This one looks too similar to Tobey Maguire’s suit and the eyes are inconsistent. Sometimes they are a reflective gray (more like Andrew Garfield’s first suit), and sometimes they are a reflective white (refer to photos below). In any case, the larger, more rounder eyes is what really throws me off about this suit. The more aggressive eyes found in Sam Raimi’s trilogy is much better.

The suit from Spider-Man 2:


The suit from The Amazing Spider-Man:


The suit from The Amazing Spider-Man 2:


Now I want everybody, for just a moment, to take the time and identify which one of the three images (for each movie) is a computer-generated Spider-Man. The other two are presumably the real actor (or stunt man) in the real costume. At risk of sounding like I have rigged the question by carefully selecting particular screenshots, I argue The Amazing Spider-Man 2 CGI costume is most obvious. Agree?

For Spider-Man 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man, the CGI Spider-Man is on the bottom. It’s no surprise that this Spider-Man appears primarily in action shots when it becomes impractical to do stunts. I think both films do a good job masking the effect, but here’s what gives it away: in Spider-Man 2, the eye is different. Examine closely at the how the black portion of the eye protrudes in the costume version, but not in the CGI version. In The Amazing Spider-Man, concentrate on where Andrew Garfield’s ear should be behind the mask, and it should become obvious that the bottom Spider-Man is the fake.

For The Amazing Spider-Man 2, I think it is pretty blatant without any further inspection: the middle one is the CGI Spider-Man. And why are they using CGI in a still shot of Spider-Man? Huh? I just don’t get it. Sometimes, CGI can truly be an artistic choice, as was the case in Man of Steel when Superman first puts on the suit and the cape gloriously ebb and flows with the drift. In fact, there was a real artistic choice in rendering Spider-Man’s suit from the back as he is free-falling at the beginning of the trailer. Without CGI, the ripples created from the wind would have been very difficult to replicate with a costume and live-action camera, I’m sure. But the shot I am complaining about in no way justifies a CGI shot. I think it shows a lack of confidence in their real suit, which looks pretty bad in the bottom picture. This isn’t my only criticisms in regard to the costume: as I’ve mentioned above, the CGI eye is more grayish-tinted reflective while the the costume eye is more white-tinted reflective. Also, isn’t the red a different shade in the CGI Spider-Man? I sense it’s a little brighter (and even more textured), perhaps reflecting on the designer’s wishes to make a brighter, more colorful Spider-Man.

I think this intent is also reflected in its choice of THREE villains? Did you guys learn nothing from Spider-Man 3?!?


Look, we love being immersed in a comic book world, but we also love a good MOVIE. Sigh… the three villains suspected (actually, they all have at least one shot in the trailer) to partake in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie are: Electro, Rhino, and either Green Goblin or Hob Goblin. I’m not a big comic book guy, so I don’t even really know the difference between the two, if there is a difference. But moving on…

Why is Peter Parker kissing Gwen?


I know he said the best kind of promises are the ones you can’t keep, but I thought that was for suspense going into this movie! From indications just from the trailers alone, it definitely looks like Peter and Gwen are together again. Now I have no idea why Mark Webb ended their romance on that note.

More evidence of Peter and Gwen’s re-union: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVCcXASctIo


The Amazing Spider-Man didn’t do amazing critically, but from my understanding, no movie critic complained about The Amazing Spider-Man being too realistic or anything like that. I don’t think I heard a single request back to the campy, cartoonish world of Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. If anything, a return to Raimi’s less serious interpretation of Spider-Man would enrage movie critics, demanding more creativity from the studio. So what’s with the change in the costume? What’s with all the villains? There were problems in the first The Amazing Spider-Man, for sure, but none of them involved the suit or the lack of villains. As of now, it seems Mark Webb has been wasting his time on things that don’t really matter. One can only hope this does not spell doom for Sony’s already unnecessary re-boot of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.



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