Kim Possible: So The Drama (2005)

So what constitutes a guilty pleasure? It’s a film that I like for personal reasons, and thus, probably have watched more than I should have.

Fine, I admit it. I have a thing for animated gingers/red-heads. Now leave me alone!




I can imagine going to the doctor’s office as a 40-year-old virgin and telling him about my dreams (nightmares?) of animated gingers, to which he responds by immediately sending me to the in-house psychologist for toonophilia. But in all seriousness, I do NOT find Kim Possible physically attractive. I don’t. Okay, maybe a little bit. But that’s it. Whereas Anna and Ariel are rendered close enough to human form for me to consider them physically attractive, Kim Possible is obviously a cartoon. With that said, I’ve always liked some of the character designs for Kim Possible the Disney channel TV show and movies. I like how, at all times, one eyebrow is connected to their nose, which means we rarely get a direct shot of their faces; I like how the top part of the lip is colored in and the bottom half isn’t; and I like how Shego looks like an anti-Kim Possible.

How does her pants even stay on?!?

How does her pants even stay on?!?


Lol. You can find (more perverted) pictures like these (mainly fan-art) if you just type Kim Possible into Google Images. This is totally photoshopped... I hope.

Lol. You can find (more perverted) pictures like these (mainly fan-art) if you just type Kim Possible into Google Images. This is totally photoshopped… I hope.

Besides the unique character designs and generally distinctive animation style, there is really nothing else to say about this movie… that is, if you didn’t watch the TV show. I think a good movie can come from anywhere, but the problem with TV-show-based movies is that they feel like an extended TV show. This makes it very difficult for anybody to pick up the movie and enjoy it, and that is no different here. The reason why Kim Possible: So The Drama is a guilty pleasure is because I couldn’t possibly recommend this movie to the general audience. I can, however, recommend this movie to people who grew up with the show. Especially if you were hoping for a Kim and Ron relationship.

Is it just me, or does kisses in hand animation always look more like they're eating each other?

Is it just me, or does kisses in hand animation always look more like they’re eating each other?

A lot of inside jokes make it into movie, like when Kim is talking to Ron in his tree house. Understanding these jokes makes you worried you’ve watched too many episodes or that you’ve missed some jokes earlier. In any case, this movie was definitely targeted towards kids who loved Kim Possible while the show was still running.


I guess why I like Kim Possible (more than the quality should suggest) is because I grew up with it and I really like hand-animation. In fact, if I were to receive a massive budget to direct a movie, I would totally make a hand-animated musical, which combines my personal interests in Broadway musicals, traditional animation, and cinema. The songs that are included in Kim Possible: So The Drama are pathetic (they make me burst out loud laughing for about a few seconds before they annoy the crap out of me), but its traditional animation done in the movie format (hard to find). Combined with characters who I know and care about, this is a sure-fire way to make it onto Kevin’s Guilty Pleasures list.

Whoa there, Disney. This is exactly the kind of...

Whoa there, Disney. This is exactly the kind of…

...shots that...

…shots that…

Ahh!!! Curse you Disney!

Ahh!!! Curse you Disney!


8 thoughts on “Kim Possible: So The Drama (2005)

  1. This is how I feel towards Ariel, Jane, Belle, Esmerelda, and (to a small extent) *groans at self* Maleficent. Yes, I find her attractive, shut up!

      • Angelina Jolie has become such a go-to actress for kick-ass female characters that it’s no surprise to me she was cast. I might give it a watch, if only because she’s my 2nd favorite Disney villain!
        And just because, I’ll go over my top 20 Disney villains:
        20. Madame Medusa (The Rescuers)
        19. Sykes (Oliver and Company)
        18. Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)
        17. The Queen of Hearts
        16. The Horned King (The Black Cauldron)
        15. Cruella De Vil
        14. Lady Tremaine
        13. Gaston
        12. Percival C. McLeach (The Rescuers Down Under)
        11. Dr. Facilier
        10. Queen Grimhilde (aka the Evil Queen)
        9. Shan-Yu
        8. Professor Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)
        7. Shere Khan
        6. Hades
        5. Jafar
        4. Scar
        3. Ursula
        2. Maleficent
        1. Frollo (Hunchback)

      • I really like the top 6. Shere Khan was never an incredibly interesting villain to me, although there seems to be a lot of people who love him. Whoever is his voice actor has a really low voice!

      • He was voiced by George Sanders in the original, and by Tony Jay (who voiced Frollo) in the sequel.
        I like him as a villain because the build-up to him through dialogue gives a tad more depth to his character. And the way the inhabitants if the jungle fear him makes him seem more believable and threatening. For me, though, when your villain is a tiger, that automatically makes him awesome.

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