Best Disney Girlfriends: Number Five

It seems like Disney princesses are a hot-topic over the internet, or at least at my own blog, so here is another ten posts about them. Yes, they will be revealed one at a time, perhaps in intervals of one week. Since I have not watched all of Disney’s animated films (even from their canon list) I may not include some of your favorite Disney female characters, but any Disney princess exclusion is intentional. Some other things about this list:

1. Disney does not equal Pixar
2. Only 2D-animated characters allowed
3. No animals or otherwise non-human characters allowed
4. Must be of at least teenager age
5. Must star in at least one of Disney’s canon movies
6. Let’s pretend that all sequels did not happen

Number Five


Frollo: Look at that disgusting display!
Phoebus: Yes, sir!

Esmeralda is the only Disney heroine, in my knowledge, who ever pole dances, so you knew she was going to have to come in somewhere on this top ten list. I recall watching a video of Glen Keane animating Ariel for an exhibition event of some sort. In any case, he said you could tell which animator animated Ariel based on the size of her sea-shells. I think a similar statement could be made for Esmeralda, a gypsy in Disney’s adaptation of Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame who possesses the strange wizardry to frequently change bra sizes. I don’t believe for a second someone who has access to gypsy magic and as thin as Esmeralda is not deceiving us with her witchcraft. Curse those Victoria’s Secret push-ups! She also has emerald-green eyes, which I’m guessing are colored contacts. No one has eyes as noticeably green as Esmeralda. However, I think what gives Esmeralda this highly coveted, top five spot is her song, God Help the Outcasts, in which she prays for people like Quasimodo. Not only is Esmeralda a “disgusting display,” but she is a thoughtful, caring individual. I was hoping for a Quasimodo and Esmeralda union, but Esmeralda’s choice in Phoebus only shows she most identifies with Disney’s heroes. But… who really cares about all that. All you need to know is Esmeralda pole dances. Why yes, of course it is a big deal!


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