Cars 2 (2011)

This is not only one of the worst animated films to have come out of the DreamWorks studio, it is perhaps one of the worst animated… oh, I’m sorry, this is not made by DreamWorks? May I know who… you’re joking. Please tell me this is some cruel joke. Is it April Fool’s day?


Have you ever had that experience where you wanted to slice a movie character’s head off with a light-saber?


Now, imagine if that character became the protagonist of a sequel. There’s Cars 2 in a nutshell.


Mater is unfunny, obnoxious, inconsiderate, grating, rude, annoying, incompetent, stupid beyond belief, socially inept, culturally ignorant, and insensitive to the stereotype he represents with his incredibly thick southern accent, buck teeth, odd fascination with (tractor) cows, and rusty tow truck… physique. This car world still refuses to make any sense as it continues to ignore the possibility of actually featuring human characters that drive cars! Why do they need to be cars if they are going to act exactly like us? Just to continue making car jokes which ran out of fuel ten minutes into the first movie? Making the car equivalent of every human thing is NOT FUNNY!!!


To make things even more confusing, this car world now feature spy… cars. With British accents. With built-in grappling hooks.


This movie refuses to be creative in any of its pursuits. Its characters are cardboard cut-outs from different movie genres or simply offensive. These characters are so confidently unoriginal that they actually completely overshadow Lighting McQueen, who is bland in comparison, and gets left behind in a screenplay that continues to become derailed by over-the-top silliness and over-complication of the plot as the movie drags on. Just when you think the movie is about to end, your misery continues. Just when you think the movie couldn’t get possibly worse, it does. This is truly a downfall for even Blue Sky animation studios. Oh wait, this isn’t made by Blue Sky? Well, who is this made by? Okay, just because you say it a million times doesn’t make it true. I’m not that gullible.


This movie is one-thirds comedy, one-thirds action spy flick, one-thirds race car movie, and 100% for children. I guess one could argue that, in fact, Cars 2 is not even suited for children with all of its violence and what not. When it comes to family films, hardly anyone dies, unless they are developed or have the full intention of coming back alive. Uncharacteristically, this children’s film kills (destroys?) many faceless car henchmen and fellow car racers with little remorse or care. The action, while occasionally interesting and bold, feels out of place with the kid-friendly sloppiness of its jokes.


The race car portion of Cars 2 is the only portion that works, mainly because it looks great. The only real compliment I can give this movie is that on a technical level, it is superior to most other animated outings. It looks like Illumination studio is finally catching up to their competitors in this regard. What do you mean it’s not made by Illumination studio? Who in the world made Cars 2? Fine, since you’re no help, I’ll look it up myself.







Have you ever had that experience where someone says something that makes you question everything you took to be true? Like, when you finally figured out Santa Claus was dad and Tooth Fairy was mom? I long avoided watching Cars 2. I couldn’t stand the thought of Pixar making a bad movie. I just assumed Pixar had been undone by their own expectations, and it wasn’t so much a bad movie as it was a bad movie by Pixar’s standards. Then, I watched Cars 2.

Final Grade: F (27%)–ohmygodihateyoujkistillloveyoujustpleasestopmakingcarsequelsplease!




Bonus: Name the movie (be specific) or movie character this is from (right above) + a non-Pixar/non-Disney/non-DreamWorks computer animated movie you want me to review and I will make it happen šŸ™‚ Limited to the first person who comments below with the correct answer + qualifiable request!


19 thoughts on “Cars 2 (2011)

      • It’s from Tom and Jerry the Movie, which the Nostalgia Critic reviewed in his early days. He used that bit for a joke (“Oh, sounds like the producers of this film!”) and used it again for his “Cat in the Hat” review. If you haven’t seen those reviews, I highly suggest you watch them!
        (BTW, the guy in that clip is voiced by Tony Jay, who voiced Frollo in Hunchback and the asylum keeper (who Gaston talks to in the tavern) in Beauty and the Beast.)

      • Neither did I until I looked at the voice cast of each film! I guess Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise thought that he sounded so sinister as the asylum keeper, they asked him back to voice Frollo.

  1. I laughed. Well done. Haven’t seen this one because I basically know I’m going to dislike it… Thank you for another data point in that theory.

  2. I’m one of the few who had fun with this movie. It’s not great but the whole world of Cars is so goofy that I figured “why not have secret agent cars in a world of cars?” I mean we are already down the rabbit hole of nuts land so I went with it and once you accept the world it’s kind of an homage to spy movies and I liked it. Didnt love it but it was watchable

      • For sure. Although I think Brave was the most disappointing so it may be my least favorite but I don’t hate it. Cars 2 is definitely bottom tier Pixar but it still entertained me. To me truly terrible movies are like The Smurfs or The Lorax. Both of those movies pissed me off. Legends of Oz was not only terrible in plot, music, voices but it looked like a middle school art project. It was painful. Cars 2 is not near on that level despite some major problems

      • Haven’t seen Smurfs, Lorax, or Legend of Oz. I’m willing to bet those films are worse than Cars 2 on a technical level, but I do think Cars 2 has some serious story problems, among other things, on an objective level. Perhaps I am being overly harsh since Pixar made this film and my expectations on films like the ones you mentioned would certainly be much lower. Thanks for commenting!

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