Toy Story (1995)


Toy Story (1995)


Whenever one great civilization falls, another one rises up in its place. It’s no different in cinema history.

The Disney studio released their 33rd animated feature, Pocahontas, in 1995. Pixar released their 1st. Toy Story was heralded at the time for innovation and novelty. It is remembered today for giving us the first adult film made for children.

Toy Story goes to the root of all good children’s films: darkness. Sid is a toy-killing psychopath. His room crawls with toy abomination offspring of his cruel surgical experiments. Buzz contemplates suicide.

It’s amazing how many people seem to underplay the importance of this very adult concept that develops towards the end of this great screenplay. Creatively utilizing its toy premise, Buzz is programmed with purpose. To protect his Universe. He is important. He is special. Or so he thought.

After realizing there are literally shelves upon shelves of laser shooting, wing-spanning Buzz Lightyears, Buzz no longer has any desire to live. It is in this moment of crises when Woody redeems himself by teaching Buzz that far more rewarding than being important, is being important TO someone. Even a toy can be important in this world.

Toy Story is one of those rare family films where children will come back to as adults and find completely different reasons to love it. Although the animation that was once so revolutionary is starting to date itself, it is its substance that will make Toy Story last to infinity and beyond.

Verdict: Properly Rated

Favorite moment: “This isn’t flying, this is falling with style!”


I’ve already written a 2200-word review of Toy Story for Earn This, so I won’t spend too long rehashing those thoughts here. In short: I agree with Kevin that this is a masterpiece, though the darkness of Sid’s room is a bit less memorable to me than the relationship between Woody and Buzz. Any scene focusing on their interactions is pure comic and dramatic gold, culminating in one of my favorite movie scenes ever: Their showdown at a gas station.

Verdict: Properly Rated

Favorite moment: “YOU… ARE… A… TOY!”

Final Grade: A (93%)—Pixar’s first computer film is crafted with a lot of heart, not silicon.

For the full article: http://earnthis.net/animation-evaluation-pixar-1995-2006/

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