Cars (2006)


It’s a shame we must temporarily leave our evaluation of Pixar’s work on this note. Even then, Cars is still quite average.

Cars is not actively bad as it is passively mediocre. It doesn’t commit many mistakes. Character motivations are laid out and consistent, the ending is indeed moral, and there aren’t any gaping plot holes, at least none I could detect. At the same time, this film seems uninspired. I don’t understand why John Lasseter decided to make everything cars when they act exactly like us. The characters suffer from the same bland qualities of A Bug’s Life’s central characters. The plot seems like its a vehicle for running time instead of story.

My favorite parts of Cars is when the plot is not progressing, which mostly consists of cars zooming around in circles. Pixar has never made a film that looked or sounded bad, and Cars is no exception. On a technical level, Cars meets the necessary specs of a Pixar film. One could wish that Cars cared less about horsepower and more about its direction.

Verdict: Properly Rated

Favorite moment: McQueen goes on a drive with Sally.


Kevin nailed it once again. No one could say it better than “Cars is not actively bad as it is passively mediocre.” This is a movie that works better as a plot synopsis (go read it on Wikipedia again if you haven’t in awhile — Cars is decently plotted). But it leaves you shrugging your shoulders a bit. I would never call it a bad movie. And I would never call it a great one. None of the characters are particularly memorable, and I can’t really recall a single specific moment from the movie except the intro and McQueen’s charming drive with Sally. This is a thoroughly unexceptional film… which I suppose makes it exceptional when greatness is the standard.

Verdict: Properly Rated

Favorite moment: The opening race scene.

Final Grade: C (75%)–Like McQueen, Cars isn’t a winner, but in lieu of what Cars is about, perhaps that is okay.

For the full article: http://earnthis.net/animation-evaluation-pixar-1995-2006/


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