Best Disney Covers: Number Eight

This list was originally going to be a top ten underrated Disney songs list, which are basically songs that I like but wished were sung better. So when I found better sung versions of these songs, I decided to switch it into a top ten best Disney covers list and search for other covers to complete the set. With this in mind, it should be no surprise that this list includes some of Disney’s lesser-known songs. This is intentional. The entire purpose of this list is to introduce some new songs/renditions for those who love listening to Disney music, not necessarily the BEST covers ever. Now, time for some more disclaimers:

1. Disney does not equal Pixar
2. Songs only from the Disney canon (no sequels, Mary Poppins, etc.)
3. One song per movie (for variety)
4. No medleys (sorry, Paint)

Number Eight: Once Upon a Dream (Sleeping Beauty)


Views on YouTube: close to 5,000,000

And… we’re back to a professional recording. Welcome the undeniably unique voice of Lana Del Rey who almost single-handedly brought me into the movie theaters to watch Maleficent until I remembered how I felt after watching Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and later, when I glanced at the reviews flowing into Rotten Tomatoes. What did I like so much about this cover of Sleeping Beauty’s only sing-along song? I love how different it is. It’s spooky, it’s haunting, it’s eerie… it’s Lana Del Rey. It’s a great rendition of a classic Disney song sung in a completely new way by the right person. I wish I could have more covers like these in my list, but rarely did a radical conversion of a Disney song, especially of such stature, work this well for me. It made me fall in love again with the song. What’s more to say?




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