Best Disney Covers: Number Seven

This list was originally going to be a top ten underrated Disney songs list, which are basically songs that I like but wished were sung better. So when I found better sung versions of these songs, I decided to switch it into a top ten best Disney covers list and search for other covers to complete the set. With this in mind, it should be no surprise that this list includes some of Disney’s lesser-known songs. This is intentional. The entire purpose of this list is to introduce some new songs/renditions for those who love listening to Disney music, not necessarily the BEST covers ever. Now, time for some more disclaimers:

1. Disney does not equal Pixar
2. Songs only from the Disney canon (no sequels, Mary Poppins, etc.)
3. One song per movie (for variety)
4. No medleys (sorry, Paint)

Number Seven: Baby Mine (Dumbo)


Views on YouTube: over 100,000

You thought Mufasa falling off a cliff was sad? You thought Bambi’s mom being shot off-screen was sad? Then you must’ve not seen the scene where Dumbo is swinging on his mother’s trunk. And so much of why that scene is such a tear-jerker is because of song playing in the background, Baby Mine. And yet, I find Baby Mine to inexplicably miss top 50 Disney song lists (worth checking out, by the way!). Perhaps it needed a cover, because I think the song is wonderful, and look no further than AJ Rafael to deliver an emotional performance with a great piano arrangement. While the original rendition of Baby Mine in the Dumbo movie is steady in terms of dynamics, AJ really showcases his vocals mid-way through, emphasizing some important lyrics.

"All those same people who scold you, what they'd give just for the right to hold you."

“All those same people who scold you, what they’d give just for the right to hold you.”

I don’t really know why there’s a dude who randomly pops up with a lion stuff animal in the back, but I knew AJ was going to find a spot on this list after I heard his Disney medley with American Idol semi-finalist, Todrick Hall, creator of the hilarious Disney Dudez videos. AJ has PLENTY of other Disney content on his YouTube page, so definitely give him a listen.




2 thoughts on “Best Disney Covers: Number Seven

  1. I feel as if I’m fairly well-versed on Disney covers on YouTube, but a couple of these have really took my breath away (favorites so far – this, Just Can’t Wait to Be King, and the Paint parody-medley). Keep up sharing the good links!

    • Thanks Dan! Some of the top selections are more well-known, but there’s still a few more surprises I think this list will have to offer. Hope you enjoy #6 which I’m planning on publishing soon.

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