Taestful Reactions: Star Wars Episode VII Teaser

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When I first heard news about a new Star Wars movie, I shrugged it off with indifference. I kind of saw it coming after Disney purchased Lucasfilm, and assumed it would be just a cheap cash-grab (not literally cheap, cheap as in not thought out and painfully catered to the masses). The original trilogy did a good job tying all loose ends, so I didn’t even know what it’d be about nor did I care. In my mind, it wasn’t worth speculating about.


But sometimes, that inner-skeptic gets taken over by unreasoned glee. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen a good Star Wars movie with updated special effects, but holy cow! The special effects! And more than just the special effects. Let’s look at the content of this teaser.


New droids! Since R2D2 won me over with his surprisingly sassy beeps and whistles (and even the occasional scream), I’m excited to see that they’ve thought about new droid designs for this sequel. I fully expect R2D2 to be a part of this, and if not, there better be another droid that makes up for it. I really hope R2D2 and other droids can all share the screen!


Okay, so the storm troopers were actually a consistent problem in the original trilogy. Yeah, I get those movies are rated PG and are partially targeted at the kids, but they were almost silly with their terrible aim and all. The way the teaser is tensely scored, though, gives me hope that Star Wars VII will fix this by making the storm troopers admirable foes for our heroes. Speaking of which…


At first I thought this was Princess Leia (too young, right?), but I did some research to find that this is actually the mysterious co-lead of the movie, who is rumored to be the daughter of Han and Leia. In any case, I think she’s pretty attractive, so I’m down with this casting choice.


Ahh!!! X-Wings! They bring back so many good childhood memories and they look absolutely stunning here.


Okay, so a new Sith with a new lightsaber. Based on the fact that they put this in the trailer, I’m going to go ahead and say I don’t think it’s quite as cool as they think it is, but it’s important to know that lightsabers are still a part of this world, and I’m expecting some better lightsaber duels than those darn awful ones in the prequels.

Are you serious Lucas?
Are you serious Lucas?

But you know, nothing quite beats seeing the Millennium Falcon take flight again with the iconic Star Wars music. How is my heart not supposed to melt into a gushy puddle after this?




Clearly, J. J. Abrams has identified the elements of Star Wars that made it so appealing. Droids. X-Wings. Lightsabers. Millennium Falcon. And it’s not even on a superficial level. The way this teaser is constructed and the way every shot is presented makes it seem like Abrams cares about Star Wars and its legacy. I can’t say I’m too familiar with his works, despite directing movies like Star Trek and Mission Impossible, but I like the visual direction Abrams is taking this. I’m excited for this movie. What more could you ask for from a teaser? Let me know in the comments below if you are geeking out like I am.


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