This list was originally going to be a top ten underrated Disney songs list, which are basically songs that I like but wished were sung better. So when I found better sung versions of these songs, I decided to switch it into a top ten best Disney covers list and search for other covers to complete the set. With this in mind, it should be no surprise that this list includes some of Disney’s lesser-known songs. This is intentional. The entire purpose of this list is to introduce some new songs/renditions for those who love listening to Disney music, not necessarily the BEST covers ever. Now, time for some more disclaimers:

1. Disney does not equal Pixar
2. Songs only from the Disney canon (no sequels, Mary Poppins, etc.)
3. One song per movie (for variety)
4. No medleys (sorry, Paint)

Number Seven: Belle’s Song (Beauty and the Beast)


Views on YouTube: over 800,000

Be Our Guest. Beauty and the Beast. Gaston’s Song. Something There. Perhaps the near-flawless soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast is what makes me sympathize for Belle’s Song, as I find it to be frequently under-appreciated, often being pushed aside for other Beauty and the Beast classics. Not only is Belle’s Song one of Disney’s truest Broadway songs, with various characters jumping in and out, gradually building into a big chorus for the closing belt of “Belle!”, but it is also the most crucial in terms of delivering the film’s necessary exposition. While it isn’t nearly the emotional center-piece of the titular song, Beauty and the Beast, nor as lyrically ingenious and rollicking as Gaston’s Song, I do think it is the one of the most proficient displays of Broadway storytelling to ever grace the silver screen.

If you consider yourself a fan of Disney music and have yet to come across Nick Pitera, let me tell ya: you’re really missing out. I was first introduced to him via his Disney medley, but since medleys are not allowed on this list, I’ve selected his very well produced, a cappella version of Belle’s Song. Expectedly, I ran into many female covers of this song, but I soon came to realize that all I needed to hear was the line, “How is it this amazing?” to know whether I was going to like the cover or not. It’s almost impossible for me to disconnect the song from the movie, and that was the moment when I knew I was going to love Belle, as her passion for fairy tales, fantasy, and adventure was made so apparent to me.

Pitera does not shy away from the challenge. Showing off his versatility, he tackles the entire song (and all the different voices) in their original octave. Not only is his a cappella arrangement sharp and his video amusing, but to see him sing the macho Gaston lines with as much ease as the Belle lines is impressive, to say the least. Most importantly, he nails my favorite part of the song, earning him a definitive spot on my list.




2 Replies to “Best Disney Covers: Number Six”

  1. Nick Pitera is a delight, and this is a nice cover… But I gotta ask. Do you have a video of Paige O’Hara singing the song in studio? Watching the original singers recording is always a delight. (I’ve seen it for “A Whole New World” and “Part of Your World”)

    1. Hey Dan! Glad you like Pitera as well. I have not come across a video of O’Hara singing any song in studio 😦 I’ve seen original recordings for A Whole New World, Part of Your World, and I See the Light, but never Belle’s Song. I have the diamond edition of BatB, and I’m hoping I can find something in there. I’ll let you know if I come across anything!

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