Clash of Clans Episode 1 | My Reaction to the HUGE Ship Update

So I know I’m late giving my reaction to the HUGE ship update Supercell teased us for at least a month, but I was in Korea for vacation when the update dropped, so making this video would’ve been pretty difficult for me at the time. That being said, I wanted to still give my delayed reaction to the update.

When I first got my hands on the update in Korea, I instantly liked the new game mode. Sure, the loot cap is bothersome and the gemers dominate the top of the trophy pushing charts, but I thought this was exactly what the game needed to thrive. Waiting for troops to train on the main village—even on the 30 gem barracks boost—is boring and leads to players logging off the game and forgetting to log in again. Now you can toggle between the two bases, allowing for more continuous game play.

Moreover, the new game mode is fun. It’s familiar in how it mimics the home village, but each troop has a new ability and the new defenses are fun to play around with. In a way, I wish these defenses could make their way over to the main village, and maybe I will effectively get that wish with the new gear up function. Double cannons will make cannon placement more strategical, lowered archer towers will help fight against lalo 3 star attacks, and from the look of things, the multi mortar might finally make mortars a viable defense again. Who knows what more is to come.

That being said, there is still much more to be desired from the night village. Trophy pushing is impossible for people without the money to spend on gems, so there needs to be another competitive mode for the free-to-play players. What comes to mind are clan tournaments. There’s a functions similar on Clash Royale where you can do tournaments for chests. Maybe what happens in this new tournament mode is you accumulate as many wins as possible for your clan as possible during a given time frame and maximum attack limit, and the clan with the most wins is victorious and gains loot. This wouldn’t be an exact replica of the direct clan to clan clash introduced in clan wars, as many clans would be required to matchup in order to allow for continuous attacking, but this would add an important aspect of competition and clanhood into the night village. The clan tournament log wouldn’t be filled with losses either, since each clan can be placed amongst the 100 or so clans that are matched.

Still, even for a serious war player who enjoys clan wars the most post-update, I am excited that Supercell seems to be re-energized with ideas from the new update. Although the update didn’t offer the changes I find are wanted in the home village, namely new dark elixir troops and balance to TH10 and TH11 gameplay, I do find it optimistic that Supercell seems to be finally spending time updating their storied Clash of Clans franchise. Updates are necessary for these mobile apps to stand the test of time, and it’s perfectly normal not to agree with all the changes that Supercell implements to keep their game alive. The good thing is that Supercell IS updating Clash of Clans, and I am sure they reaping the benefits of cash and more active players.

This new update does feel like Supercell’s second attempt at the game, and I think their expertise shows. The gameplay is a bit more interesting, base design feels important from the very first builder hall level, and there are little opportunities for cheating in the new game mode and even limited opportunities for engineered bases. I think had this update been the original conception of Clash of Clans, we would probably have a lot less complaints from the ever gnarly, humongous bases of our home village. Just because it isn’t, doesn’t mean we can’t love the new game mode the same. I’m personally happy that I have both to play.


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