Clash of Clans Episode 2 | Defensive Tips Against MAX Night Witches

After popular YouTubers who had access to the builder hall 6 update showed us the developer build for the night witch, there were many concerns that the troop could be too overpowered. Nerfs followed accordingly, and I think Supercell has done an excellent job balancing this complicated troop mechanic alongside the other troops introduced in the new game mode back in May.

That being said, maxed out night witches are very powerful, and it’s important to know how to defend against them if you ever want to have a shot at trophy pushing deep into the leaderboard. Here are my personal defensive tips for making sure your base doesn’t get run over by bats in the night village.

So in order to understand how to defend against night witches, we need to consider how night witches dismantle our bases in the first place. Night witches excel at tackling targets that attack air since the bats will distract their fire. However, when they get too close to cannons, double cannons, or get targeted by the multi mortar, they quickly disappear due to their fragile health points. So in order to defend against night witches, you must use protect your ground targeting defenses as much as possible with air targeting defenses.

In lieu of this, the first thing you should do defensively before upgrading you builder hall to level 6 is to upgrade your air bombs to level 5. Although Supercell introduced the roaster as the ultimate counter to the night witch, I like to think of it as an assistant to keep bats off of the air bomb so that the air bombs can continue to minimize the damage the bats can deal to your base.

Once you are a builder hall 6, you should drop down your roaster immediately and place it next to your air bombs. This will ensure that once bats surround your air bomb that it will be difficult for it to go down due to the roaster.

In terms of defensive layout, the two most centralized structures should be the air bombs and the multi mortar. I’ve seen night witches go at a roaster towards the perimeter of the base, only to dwindle down quickly due to the multi mortar not being reachable or properly accounted for.

Finally, you should set all or most of your bombs to ground. It may seem advantages to set it on air to fight off the bats, but typically the bats trigger them too quickly, giving the witches enough time to spawn more replacement bats. It requires a bit of luck, but you placing these bombs in places towards the perimeter of the base can unexpectedly wipe an entire horde of witches in a single explosion. And in an extreme gamble, you can place your base in one corner and place a bomb in the opposite corner.

I hope this short video was insightful and can increase your chances of fending off those mass night witch attacks. If you want more builder hall content, please make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for more.


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