Clash of Clans Episode 3 | Supercell’s June 2017 Balancing Update Explanation

Looking at the forum posts in regards to the 2017 June balancing update Supercell released for their mobile game, Clash of Clans, it becomes obvious that Supercell has managed yet again to upset their fan base. However, is it Supercell’s fault or is it the fault of the community not understanding what needs to be balanced and what balancing is all about?

One of the chief complaints about the update seems to be about the 3 star hit rate of town hall 11 gameplay. Everybody knows how difficult it is to 3 star a maxed out town hall 11 base, so it is difficult to understand Supercell’s decision to add defensive levels to the dreaded inferno towers, archer towers, and cannons. What people don’t seem to understand is that max town hall 10 3 stars, from max town hall 10 players, is statistically lower than the 3 star rate of max town hall 11 players. If you go off of the CWL numbers which represents Clash of Clans at the highest level of play, it is twice as more likely to 3 star a town hall 11 than a town hall 10.

Now, I could go into the reasons why this is the case, but when you are aware of these numbers, it makes sense why Supercell would add defensive levels to a town hall 11 base—it is simply to make town hall 11 attacking progressively more difficult from the previous town hall level.

The next complaint circulating around the forums is quite ridiculous. It essentially complains that currently useless troops are getting a buff or new levels. That is the POINT of balancing! If only the useful troops got buffs, such as bowlers, lava hounds, balloons, witches, etc. then the useless troops would only fall further out of the meta. The entire point of adding new PEKKA levels, miner levels, wizard levels, healer levels, and wall breaker levels is to make these troops more feasible to use in a competitive war setting.

To elaborate on the wizard and wall breaker levels, it is clear to me that this is to balance wizard to their nearest counterpart in the bowlers. I think wizards are often replaced by witches or bowlers or even valkyries as a funneling troops, and Supercell is attempting to keep them relevant in their niche role. As for the wallbreakers, it’s pretty much as simple as adding new walls to town hall 11 means adding new levels to the wall breakers.

The last and final complain I’d like to address is about how only town hall 11s consistently receive the bulk of the update material. I can understand the frustration, but this is just built-in into any play-to-progress type of game that has been out for multiple years. The gap between a new player and a player who has been playing since the beginning of time is bound to grow. It is simply unreasonable to expect update material to lower town halls who are already working to unlock new troops, spells, and defenses.

I think the real reason for the backlash is the type of unoriginality that is coming from Supercell. We have other things that we would love to have fixed, such as fair play initiatives against modding and a war matching algorithm that better accounts for engineered clans. And especially for players who weren’t enthralled by the latest content released in the form of the night village, it’s no wonder people are still desiring a new game mode for their main village or a new troop to shake up the meta.


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