About Me

Hi, welcome to Taestful Reviews. My movie review blog (and other miscellaneous thoughts) focuses on giving unique critiques and analysis on popular movies that have already passed their theatrical release, although I will occasionally give new movies their time and space on my blog.

So a little background on myself: I was born in 1994 and graduated Case Western Reserve University at Cleveland, Ohio Class of 2016 with a Physics degree. I’m a full-fledged, self-proclaimed nerd. I did research as basically a statistician at the Lerner Research Institute for 3.5 years before becoming published and am currently a nurse assistant at the Cleveland Clinic. I always knew I wanted to go into healthcare and hope to expand my career by going back for a graduate education. I have a wide variety of interests–most of which I now have little time to pursue–but extends primarily to mobile gaming, music, and movies. You’ll notice there will be some tidbits of these other interests that makes its way into this blog.

I only started caring about movies in the summer of 2008 when I saw two great movies in theaters.


However, nothing really motivated me to write movie reviews until 2011 when I revisited The Lion King. For as much as I hate the movie, err, the movie’s reputation, I owe The Lion King for sparking my interest in movie reviewing. Since then, I have written about movies from time to time, posting my favorite ones on Facebook. My sister is the one who recommended blogging on WordPress–and hence–the creation of Taestful Reviews.

I’m a completist so I will be writing a few more blog posts for my site, even as I have moved away from a strictly WordPress approach. A majority of my posts will be linked videos from my other YouTube platforms (theofficialkingdom137 – Clash of Clans | Taestful Reviews – Unique Movie Perspectives | kevin maUPsh – Mashups, Remixes, and Originals). This is the centralized site where you can find all my video content AND more. Thanks again for all your support, for this blog would be meaningless if I didn’t have an audience to share my ideas with.


4 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hey Dan! I had a chance to visit Earn This, and I must say, I got stuck clicking around the different articles for about half an hour. You have a lot of interesting stuff just under the movies section, and I think it’s awesome that you have an ensemble of writers to offer various perspectives and what not.

      I’ve never had anyone approach me about collaborating, and while I don’t know what exactly you have in mind, I am excited. You can contact me at kevin.e.tae@gmail.com

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