There are a laundry list of individuals that have shaped the way I think about movie reviewing and content creation in general. Here’s an abbreviated version:

  • Roger Ebert from Chicago Sun-Times for his profoundly persuasive, professional, and personal movie reviews
  • James Berardinelli from for convincing me that animation is and always will be a legitimate movie making art form
  • Joe Morgenstern from Wall Street Journal for providing the only viable movie podcasts available on Spotify regarding recent theatrical releases
  • Christy Lemire, Ben Mankiewicz, Matt Atchity, and Alonso Duralde for their informal but intelligent bickering over movies in their TV series, What The Flick?!
  • Confused Matthew for agreeing with my views on various overrated films and solidifying my own movie reviewing style
  • Nostalgia Critic for taking animation seriously and comprehensively covering the genre on YouTube
  • Dan Stalcup for his support, collaborations, and introduction to podcasts on
  • Fellow WordPress bloggers Animation Commendation, animatedkid, and smilingldsgirl for their frequent comments and feedback

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