My Official Endorsement for Hillary Clinton

Boy, has this been a turbulent election season. I went from rooting for brain surgeon Ben Carson to fighting for millennial heart-throb Bernie Sanders to settling for libertarian Gary Johnson to realizing that I wanted to cast a ballot for… well, no one. To put it simply, I don’t like either the democratic party nor the republican party nominees, and that may be because I don’t like either parties as a whole. Democrats often confuse philosophical discourse for lawmaking. They use minorities as political props to dress up as a fashionable party for the youth and educated. They feel entitled to higher moral ground that hinder rational discussion of policy. Republicans not only implement hateful rhetoric into their speech that is dangerous in a time of heightened race relations in America, but also take pride in hateful policy. They are disorganized, often disagree with each other on the very notion of conservatism, and can’t tell the difference between being politically correct and being correct. And I haven’t even said a word on the highly debated presidential candidates.


By now it is clear to me that due to the sheer volume of these candidate’s missteps, it will be difficult to construct a convincing argument for either candidate on the basis of their personality. Although I hope Trump’s recent splash on the news may change that for many voters, I do not wish to pretend that I am unaware of these issues surrounding this election, nor will I pretend to fully forgive Donald Trump’s forced apologies or Hillary Clinton’s persistent cover-ups. I just do not believe that such a conversation is useful for a majority of undecided/unmotivated voters who are registered at this point and would prefer my argument in policy seem unaffected by my perceptions of their character.

Still, I understand that what I will say will largely motivate Trump supporters to push back against Clinton and, on the other side, reaffirm the confidence of Clinton voters as right-wing newspaper outlets have been regularly doing so on our behalf. So for voters who identify strongly as republicans or democrats, all I can say is that our bipartisan system is not a matter of picking your favorite team to be on. Minimal federal government regulation and interference is a particularly compelling aspect of conservatism, but a time for a president who will honor these values must wait. After listening to more and more of what Hillary Clinton had to say and what she wanted to do for this country, it became clear to me who I wanted to vote for come November.

Hillary Clinton Will Keep Families Together

One of the most shocking policies advocated by Trump is to attempt the deportation of illegal immigrants–by the millions–out of this country. There are many reasons why this feels inhumane to me, besides violating people’s basic rights to due process. Perhaps most noticeably are in the families which will be ripped apart through such legal actions. Instead, Clinton suggests to help immigrants already in the United States by providing a shortened pathway to citizenship. This will not only help our economy by circulating their income tax into our government, but this will also allow illegal immigrant parents of American citizens to visit their own family without worrying if they will be able to re-enter into the country to see their children again.


Hillary Clinton Cares About Syrian Refugees

Hillary Clinton has displayed no interest in banning particular ethnic, racial, or religious groups from entering our country, which cannot be said of Donald Trump. She understands worldly issues and wants to give refugees a chance to enter America. It is difficult to imagine a United States that would have banned people from Germany in fear of Nazism. With such a policy in place, Albert Einstein would have never delivered lectures at Columbia University or corresponded with Franklin D. Roosevelt. He described Americans as “friendly, self-confident, optimistic, and without envy.” Let us, as a nation, try to live out Einstein’s favorable impressions through our immigration policy.

Hillary Clinton Will Insure Millions of Americans

That is precisely what Obama had in mind when he proposed the Affordable Care Act. According to the US Health & Human Services Department, the Affordable Care Act has insured around 16.4 million Americans alone. To think that Donald Trump exclusively calls it Obamacare and avoids publicly speaking on his own plans for American healthcare shows his deep disinterest in the issues that affect the poor. This isn’t to say Obamacare is perfect. Deductibles are far too high and many have argued that this sudden influx of patients have burdened the American healthcare system, but Hillary Clinton at least wants to strive for universal health care, not repeal it.

Hillary Clinton Understands The Importance of Education

One of the fundamental underpinning of social justice work comes from the fact that not all people are born into this world with a fair chance to health and fortune. One way Hillary wants to help the next generation escape their circumstances is through education. Unfortunately, the cost of an education that makes job applicants competitive are steep and the government isn’t making things much easier for students to take on such heavy debt, if not already inheriting the proper financial situation from their parents. Hillary wants to alleviate these issues by reducing the interest rates on government loans and giving students options to a free college education at their state’s public institutions.


Hillary Clinton Recognizes Climate Change

In a magical world where solar panels are as efficient as fossil fuels, Clinton’s policies to fight climate change would be easier said than done. Still, we need a president who recognizes global climate change as a legitimate threat to humanity and Clinton wants to do something about it. Although she has supported fracking in the past, she has since softened her stance in lieu of environmental concerns brought up by Bernie Sanders and other politicians. She plans on tackling the industrial companies by imposing higher pollution and energy standards to their manufacturing practice and the goods they sell to consumers. She also sees this challenge as an opportunity for economic growth, a new sector for job creation in America.

Hillary Clinton Is Right For the Job

Hillary Clinton, while by no means a perfect candidate, is the one this country needs right now in office. Her policies will provide students with an affordable education, build a sustainable industry, make healthcare more accessible for the poor, and stay true to America’s traditions as a “melting pot” of cultural diversity. These are the issues that are important to Hillary Clinton in which Donald Trump does not share her enthusiasm. If you disagree with Trump and find any of these issues important to you, your children, or your future children, then I don’t see how you can deny the urge to vote for Hillary Clinton come election day. Go out and vote people. And make sure to vote for the correct candidate.